In 1995 the idea of creating a different educational institution begins to develop, based on an education in which Art in all its expressions, and the Christian values, were the basis of the educational process. This is how Arandú is born and opens its doors as an institution of preschool teaching in 1996. 

Arandú was founded by Laura Barquero Sancho, Irene Barquero Sancho and Francisco Saborío, Laura and Irene were graduated from the Liceo Franco-Costarricense and later from the School of Teachers’ Training of the Faculty of Education at Universidad de Costa Rica. Laura Barquero also studied Graphic Arts at Universidad de Costa Rica, and Photography at the Alberta College of Art in Canada. Since their graduation, they both worked at different private institutions where they developed a wide experience as teachers. Francisco Saborío is a tenured professor at Universidad de Costa Rica and has a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary in Canada. 

In 2003, due to the excellent acceptance by the parents, it was decided to gradually extend the educational project to start with the stage of Elementary School and later with the High School level.

Currently we have sections from preschool up to eighth grade. We are gradually offering a new level each year, until completing High School on 2015. Preschool covers children in ages between one year and a half and five years old. Elementary School includes levels from last year of preschool (preparatory) to sixth grade. Currently in High School we have seventh and eighth grades.










Escazú, 50 m Oeste Plaza Los Laureles, San José, Costa Rica




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