From the Principal

Since we started Arandú 20 years ago, our greatest aspiration was to create a different place to educate children. Different for us meant distinctive, special, unique, inclusive and out of the ordinary.  This objective has being achieved with the use of an innovative approach where we have placed human development at the center stage of our education system and we have enfolded it with high academic standards, profound Christian values, and a strong Arts program. We expect our students to make a difference not only in their lives but also in the lives of people around them.


Laura Barquero


Our Philosophy


The very foundation of our institution´s philosophy is the desire of the teachers to offer a fertile learning space that will blossom and bear fruit. This is why the tree was chosen as the emblem of Arandú.


Arandú, which in the Guaraní language means wisdom and knowledge, makes reference to the strong and fertile tree in our tropical forests that is a source of wealth. It also refers to the origins of life and to the ability of living beings to be born, grow and bear fruit.


Our mission is directed to help our students develop their best attributes, strengthening their weak areas and grow in their strong areas, so that, with our encouragement, they can live a full life and give their best fruits to the world.


The students at Arandú listen to and recognize the music of the great composers, they visit museums, know the most famous national and worldwide artists, and visit studios where students can touch, watch, and live works of art.


We intend for our students to go beyond their families and to enter into a pleasant place, where not only they play, learn and are happy, but also go towards a bigger and wider world, as strong, capable human beings and spiritually secure persons.


We seek and put into practice all our knowledge and effort to imitate Hodding Carter, who said: “Our legacy for our children should consist of two things: roots and wings.” It is in following with this educational ideal that teachers interact with their students, under the umbrella of the “arandú”. The activities that are scheduled are designed to favor the balanced and harmonic growth of our students, in a stimulating and creative environment that will fully allow them to enjoy their time in our institution.












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