General Objetive:

To favor the balanced and harmonious growth of

our students, strengthening their weaker areas and

fully developing their strong areas. That they may

grow, develop and give their best potential.


Specific Objectives:


1.To promote learning strategies based on key experiences that enhance the development of the different learning areas.

2.To encourage a psychological, harmonious and balanced adaptation with the environment, especially with the familiar and educational domain.

3. To foster attitudes of respect, cooperation and solidarity, as well as their ability for self-determination and the formation of criteria that will favor decision-making.

4. To promote activities that will help students to take a qualitative leap into the world of inventiveness and creativity.

5. To form the moral conscience: education in social awareness and sensitivity, limits, norms and rules. To teach respect for the established order, understanding the meaning of authority and complying with discipline requirements.

6. To develop the logical operational process—internal consistency of reasoning, comprehension of the scientific criterion of cause and effect and its practical use.

7. To develop language: coordination and expression of ideas, increase in vocabulary and search for the meaning of concepts, articulation, intonation, narrative and conversation, comprehension and interpretation.

8. To develop basic guidelines that will allow the students to form a personal view of the world, linking the child to his/her habits, customs, traditions, religion, cultural heritage and other issues that will allow them to be proud of being part of the Costa Rican culture.

9. To understand the main problems that currently affect humans beings, especially those related to the conservation of nature.

10. To develop their fondness for sports as an activity that will allow them to grow in a harmonious and healthy way.















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